My Goals for the School Year

Because part of my philosophy of teaching centers around the idea that “reflection promotes growth,” and because I am so often busy working with and responding to preservice teachers, giving lots of feedback and reading their reflections, with little time for my own growth, I’ve decided to take Teach Thought’s Reflective Teaching 30-Day Blogging Challenge.  Whether or not, I make it all 30 days, I will certainly engage in more reflection than I might otherwise.  And, I really like prompts to guide my thinking, so here goes.

Day 1: Write your goals for the school year

1)  For students to show growth in all areas from pre- to post- assessments

2) To continue being purposeful in designing my course (input, activities, assessments) to align with my objectives

3) To make my teaching increasingly more sustainable while also meeting my goals for my students (achieving better work-life balance and better balance between the different parts of my work)

4) To continue learning from every opportunity (students, reading, professional development–giving & getting it) and to take more time to reflect on what I’m learning and integrate it into my practice

5) To actively advocate for students and integrate social justice curriculum into my courses according to my own convictions

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