A picture of mountains with a sky layered in colors: purple, orange, yellow and blue

To be surrounded by love and to be able to take it in

To have your words and work make a profound difference in the lives of others

To have community that stands with and for you when you can’t stand for yourself

To have (chosen) family that reminds you that putting on your oxygen mask first is not selfish, it is an act of self-preservation that does indeed serve others

To laugh freely and loudly without a care of who hears

To smile so much it hurts

To love with the depth of your heart and soul

To live after spending so many moments wanting to die

To move towards freedom and liberation

To struggle righteously alongside those that deeply feel the struggle

To honor humanity

To see those you love thriving and growing surrounded by the love of others

To savor all that you take in, from drink and food to moments and sights

To pause

To breathe

To embrace life’s uncertainties

To know that if you fall, community will catch you

To be in community

To feel love

To feel joy

To feel beauty

You are my greatest blessings.

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