Hope in Community


It’s been an extremely long week.

Here’s what’s been giving me hope in the latter half of this week:

Teaching an amazing group of teacher candidates on Wednesday afternoon: 


On the Afternoon After the Election

Helping to coordinate a campus tour for HS juniors & seniors who visited our campus today and talking with them about their perspectives on the week: 

Family, friends and students who have shown amazing solidarity, support, and vulnerability, and have blessed me with their wisdom and compassion. 

Flowers from a student on Wednesday afternoon

Flowers from a student on Wednesday afternoon

Resources shared by friends and colleagues to stand up to hate in ways that show solidarity, including: 

Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

The Safety Pin Movement

Resources for the Day After the Election

Suggestions for What To Do In This Transition Period (Before January) by Demographic Group

Concrete plans with colleagues to continue the work beyond this week and a renewed commitment to creating safe space (for everyone, including those I disagree with) wherever I can. 

It’s been such a hard week. I am exhausted.  But I am still standing.  And I will keep standing up and speaking out, in my own way.

The work starts here. The work starts now. The work starts in community.

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