Holding Still, Holding Space, Holding Up, Holding On

Holding Still

It is silent for a brief moment

The vague hum of music in the distance

I am still

I breathe deeply

Groucho (my dog) stirs

I am remembering

I am feeling

I am alone

For a brief moment

A moment frozen in time

And then gone

Holding Space

The unthinkable keeps happening

People I love continue to suffer

There is harm everywhere

But also hope

Sometimes in stillness in the space between

There is redemption

I create space

I hold space

For better

For all of us

Holding Up

How am I?

I am not really

But somehow I continue


Propped up by community

Reminding me we all deserve more

Holding On

Just barely

But always

To the good

For others

Moving towards the light

For myself

I continue

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