Lent Days 6 & 7: Contributing by sharing what you love…

I am learning so much about how simple contribution can be.

The last week has been transformative in many ways.  By looking for ways to contribute, I have been so present to the ways that others contribute to me, and these last two days have certainly been no exception.

Yesterday, my contribution was made through words of appreciation to my husband, who returned from his weekend away.  I realized that his partnership is invaluable in supporting my work, my motherhood and my life in immeasurable ways, and I really don’t tell him that often enough.  I love to write.  I love cute cards.  And, I love him.  So, I wrote him a cute card:


It wasn’t a fancy, monetary contribution, but it was from my heart, and it touched him, which certainly made it a contribution in my eyes.

This morning, I posted some pictures of my first Stitch Fix box. In case you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, it’s a service where you fill out a style profile, send it off, pay $20, and a couple weeks later, a box of 5 wearable items appears via mail.  You can keep 0-5 of the pieces, and your styling fee ($20) gets applied to your purchase. You return anything you don’t want in a pre-paid envelope within 3 days. You can schedule a box to arrive as often or infrequently as you like.  The concept seems simple, but I seriously was more excited to open my first box last night than I have been for a Christmas since I was maybe 6 years old.  Seriously.  Like pee my pants (except not their pants that I was trying on…is this TMI?) excited.  Here are a couple pics from the box:


So, yeah, I shared these pics and was not expecting that to be my contribution.  I was just sharing because I was excited.  Except that then people were also super excited to try it, so I realized it really was a contribution.

And there it is, contribution doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, it’s often right in front of us, and something that’s a natural expression of who we are, if we don’t think too much about it.

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