A Break

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I had a health scare this weekend. While I have been to the doctor subsequently and we are ruling out anything more serious physically, I am well aware that my body holds grief and stress in ways that impact my body even as I attempt to power through mentally.

To prioritize my health and my humanity, I will be on a month-long social media break from today until (at least) January 19, 2023. If we are only connected via socials and you need to reach me during that time, you can DM me on the appropriate social media channel, however my response to DMs will likely be delayed. I am also easily findable via e-mail and many of you have my cell phone number. Those are the best ways to reach me.

Thank you to the many friends who have taken the time to show and send love and to those of you that have been willing to fight my stubbornness because you love me and want me to take care of my health. I’ll see you in the (Lunar) New Year, hopefully in a more rested and healthy space.

Love you and working on loving myself.


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