Rejection, Reflection & Integrity: Being Who I Am When No One and Everyone is Looking

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.51.44 PM

So, here I am, writing about rejection again…because, well, in addition to my grant proposal, I just had an article manuscript rejected this week as well.

I’m also exhausted, with a million things to do, school and daycare upheaval for my kids, and on my way home today, my tire pressure light came on.

But, I just had an amazing class, in a room with tables!

And, we got to talk about and representĀ our identities:

AND we got to connect our identities with those of our students, in thinking about what we want students to take from our courses:

And what it all helped me to realize was that identity and integrity is all about who I amĀ in moments of rejection and reflection–just as much as it’s about who I am when I’m celebrating a momentous victory. It’s about who I am when I am in the spotlight and when I’m silent. It is the totality of my being, the good and the bad.

So, now, I will drown the rough part of my day (week, semester) in a plate of homemade nachos and get in some last precious moments with my family before their bedtime and my next few hours of work.

And tomorrow will be a new day, for me to try it all again.