Give Them Their Flowers While They’re Still Here

Flower arrangement with a card

This afternoon, I was sitting in virtual office hours (so actually, I was sitting at my computer on zoom where I am most of my waking hours, except I was by myself because no one dropped in) and the doorbell rang.

I wasn’t expecting anything.

After about 3 minutes, I got a text from my husband that I got flowers.

“From who?” I asked.

I knew they weren’t from him. One of our wedding vows (alongside the fact that I don’t do dishes except on Fathers Day and his birthday) probably included that money should never be wasted on flower delivery when we are living together and he can just go to Costco to get me some roses…rainforest certified…for $14.99/dozen.

So, I walked down the hall and saw this beautiful bouquet (see picture) and the card.

It was from my dear friends, Kisha & Shamaine, co-creators of the Black Gaze Podcast, sending some love my way and acknowledgment for spending some time with them on one of their first season episodes.

Now, as I tweeted to them, this was completely unnecessary because spending time with them and sharing about Asian/ Black American solidarity (it’s episode 7) was a gift to me. I love these two women and have been a fan of this podcast since day 1. I am one of their biggest fans as individuals as well. Their successes are my successes. Their love brings me life.

But, the second half of that tweet was about how needed these flowers were.

I believe in divine providence.

I appeared on the podcast in the mid-summer. These flowers arrived today.

I have had such a hard last two weeks as the school year approached and began. At times, I have felt unseen, demeaned and more often than not, exhausted. I have learned so much, but I have also been hurt often, from unexpected sources. It has taken so many of my reserves.

But today, was the first good day in weeks.

The first day where I didn’t question what I had gotten myself into or why God led me down this path.

Today, was the day I got my appetite and my conviction back.

Today, I felt seen and loved, for my whole self.

And these flowers, this beautiful and extravagant arrangement of love that I never would have spent money on for myself, they spoke a million words to me.

Yesterday, I had to draw upon my own strength.

But today, I remembered that my greatest strength is in community.

Thank you, my dear sisters and my dear friends, for these flowers today. They mean more than I have words to say. I am so grateful for your uplift, everyday, but especially today.

Love people while they’re here. You have no idea what a difference it will make.

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