Giving Thanks

Picture of a pink notebook with the words "Today I am Grateful" on the cover

This has been a very hard last month, transitioning into the school year. To say otherwise would be to lie, and I am nothing if not honest.

There have been many things to carry. Many things to learn. Many obstacles to navigate. Many breaths to breathe.

But I am learning and I am navigating and I am breathing.

I am not carrying everything.

I am choosing what I can carry, and laying down the burdens that are not mine.

I am responding to trauma without reacting to it.

I am allowing myself to grieve so that I have a pathway to joy.

And I am thankful.

Because there is power in gratitude even in the hardest of moments.

There is power in gratitude for learning, for wisdom to navigate, for breath.

There is power in gratitude that I no longer feel obligated to carry it all for myself and others.

There is power in gratitude that I can see trauma, respond to it, and keep myself grounded in my own inner strength.

There is power in gratitude for joy and grief.

There is power in gratitude for authentic community.

There is power in gratitude for knowing who I am without the need for external validation.

I am grateful.

I am grateful that I am not alone.

I am grateful for faith in the dark.

It has not been easy. It will not be easy.

But today, I draw from the power of gratitude and grace.

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